Swedish Open Footgolf

Den 26-28 juli kommer Sveriges största footgolf-turnering att äga rum på Södertälje Park.

Sveriges främsta footgolfspelare och internationella spelare kommer att finnas på plats.

Alla info om tävlingen och hur ni gör anmälan finner ni på:


Här har ni alla anmälda: http://en.opentour.se/tournament/division/3339739869705560222/

* FIFG100

* A maximum of 96 spots available distributed across the general categories Men and Women as needed (senior classifications included in these). First come, first served.

* 4 rounds (!) of footgolf over 2 days (July 27-28) with a warmup prestigious putting competition on Fri afternoon, July 26.

* Open to all players aged 15+ (born no later than 2004). You are automatically classified as senior if you’re born in 1973 or earlier (age 46+), unless explicitly stated otherwise.

* Cuts after round 2 and 3 (cut to be determined by the number of category players, see program below). Those below the cuts get to play a nine hole extra tournament on the red course.

* Positions awarded with cash prices (if at least 3 players in the relevant category)

Men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Senior men: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (as part of Men’s)
Senior women: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (as part of Women’s)

* Cash prizes: see below
* If tied, hole-by-hole playoff for positions 1-5 (penalty shootout if still tied)
* Two tee positions (men and women)
* Tournament Director (TD): Johan Rolander
* Referee: Mikael Nilsson
* Live leaderboard system OpenTour will be the official scoring system: http://en.opentour.se/tournament/division/3339739869705560222/
(It may take several days until your name pops up here)

* Type: 18 hole dedicated footgolf forest course
* Greens: holes located around artificial grass golf greens
* Distance: 1859 meters.
* Par: 34 + 32 = 66
* Par distribution: 7 par 3s, 10 par 4s, 1 par 5
* Different tee positions for men and women

* Södertälje Park Golf Club
* https://goo.gl/maps/vhX9QYx1YM82

* Coffee, snacks, ice cream, soft drinks and lighter meals (toasts, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc) will be served from the local cafeteria.
* Will be open during the entire competition.
* Nearby restaurants are also available.

* A total of 400 SEK which includes:
Tournament entry
Chip marker
Course guide

* Min 200 SEK to be paid at sign-up, the remaining to be paid on arrival (at the latest)

* If you cancel your sign-up before June 1, the fee will be returned to you.

Swedish Open is part of the international FIFG World Tour meaning that if you have a valid World Tour license, the tournament will award ranking points according to its FIFG100 status. If you wish to have a WT license (representing Sweden), please contact the Tournament Director. Appr. cost: 10 USD. For rankings, please see fgranks.com.

* Registration is open – sign up now!
* Deadline for signing up: extended to July 20 (1 week before tee-off).
* Remember: the field is limited to a total of 96 players (combined for Men and Women)

* For Swedish players:
Pay minimum of 200 SEK to Swish 0727228414
The Swish message must include: full name, category (man/woman/senior), year of birth and email address. Full name is not required if paying from your personal Swish account.

* For all others:
Pay minimum of 200 SEK to Paypal account johan@sifcup.se (please use the option ”friends and family”).
The Paypal message must include: full name, category (man/woman/senior), year of birth and email address.
An email will be sent to you as confirmation of your tournament entry.

* Tee times for the both the practice round and the tournament will be posted here on this Facebook event (made public some days before the tournament starts).

* 1 practice round per player
* You will be practising in groups of 3-4 players
* Practice is open from 07:00 to 13:00
* Book your practice round by sending an email to <TBD> including requested tee time and practising players.

* Register yourself upon arrival (announcing you are ready to play).
* Pay if not paid already.
* Know the rules of footgolf (see FIFG.org).
* Wear the appropriate clothing (see FIFG.org).
* Scorecards and pens are available at the registration office (to assist you in keeping track of your scores). Note: OpenTour is the official scoring system.
* If YOU have been assigned the scoring task in OpenTour for your flight (you need a charged mobile phone), instructions are available at the registration office.
* Be on tee at least 15 minutes before your designated tee time.


We are partners with Scandic and Quality hotels in Södertälje. To book your hotel, contact the hotel and state the code: Swedish Open

Scandic Hotel Skogshöjd Quality Hotel Park
+46 (0) 8 517 391 00 +46 (0) 8 550 265 00

Single room 750 SEK
Double room 950 SEK
Room with three beds 1200 SEK

The prices are per room, per night and includes a large breakfast.

The Total Cash Purse (TCP) is generated by 80% of the player fees and is proportionally distributed to positions 1-3 (60% / 30% / 10%) for each category according to player participation.

Details by example:

Let’s posit 96 players in total with 60 men (of which 5 are seniors) and 36 women players (of which 4 are seniors):

* Total Cash Purse (TCP): 96 x fee x 80%
* Category distribution:

Men: TCP x 62.5%
– Category Cash Purse (CCP) for 55 non-senior players:
– TCP x 62.5% x 91.7%
– Category Cash Purse (CCP) for 5 seniors players:
– TCP x 62.5% x 8.3%

Women: TCP x 37.5%
– Category Cash Purse (CCP) for 32 non-senior players:
– TCP x 37.5% x 88.9%
– Category Cash Purse (CCP) for 4 senior players:
– TCP x 37.5% x 11.1%

* Category Cash Purse distribution:
1st place: 60% x CCP
2nd place 30% x CCP
3rd place 10% x CCP


FRIDAY, July 26, practice/fun/info day:
06:00 Player registration opens

07:00 Practice day, first tee time (one round)

13:00 Practice day, last tee time

16:00 Putting Competition (see below)

18:00 Awards ceremony Putting competition

18:15 Tournament briefing (rules, etc)

Putting Competition explained:
– Open for both players and non-players
– Come to the practice green/area for on-the-fly registration, briefing and play.
– Putting award ceremony follows immediately (1st, 2nd and 3rd).
– Basic idea:

RANKING round: everybody gets 5 attempts to sink a putt into a footgolf hole (choose between 3 different distances). Sinking longer putts yields higher score.

ELIMINATION round: players meet one-on-one à la sudden death. The elimination is set up to match the highest ranked player vs the lowest ranked player. E.g. having 16 players: ranked 1 vs ranked 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, etc. For each hole, the higher ranked player chooses distance, the lower decides who starts. The winner is the one to win the final elimination match. Losing players from the semi-finals meet to settle the 2nd and 3rd place.

SATURDAY, July 27, competition day 1
06:00 final player registration

07:30 ROUND 1, tee times, tee off hole 1

13:00 ROUND 2, tee times, tee off hole 1

Cut for R3 will be at a total of 72 players including ties across both Men and Women (cuts for each category will be determined by the number of category players). Players below this cut will get to play an extra 9-hole tournament (known as the “Missed the 1st cut” tournament)

SUNDAY, July 28, competition day 2
07:30 ROUND 3, shotgun start

Cut for R4 will be at a total of 48 players including ties across both Men and Women (cuts for each category will be determined by the number of category players). Players below this cut will get to play an extra 9-hole tournament (known as the “Missed the 2nd cut” tournament)

07:30 “Missed the 1st cut” TOURNAMENT, tee times, tee off hole 1 (red course)

12:00 ROUND 4, THE FINAL, tee times, tee off hole 1

12:00 “Missed the 2nd cut” TOURNAMENT, tee times, tee off hole 1 (red course)

18:00 Price ceremony (shortly after the finish of the final flight in round 4)